Sanctuary Boston worship gatherings are online & in person.
Join us every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday at 6:30pm eastern.

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The roots of the word “worship” mean “to value” and “worth.” In our services, we seek to value what is worthy in life, to reflect on the deep questions of human existence, to express gratitude and joy, and, when necessary, to mourn and gather our courage. Our worship services include:


Music is at the center of our worship services. We begin and end each gathering with singing — and there’s lots of singing in between, too! All of our singing is communal and participatory, guided by our music leaders, and accompanied by a worship band with guitar, piano, violin, drums, and a variety of other instruments.

Words of reflection

During each worship service we listen to inspiration and reflection from a community member. The reflections focus on the big questions: How do we know what is true? What does it mean to give a good life? How can we work for justice and respond more fully to the call of love? Reflections are personal and full of wonder and possibility.

Prayer and meditation

We share a spoken prayer, silence, or meditation. Our prayers and meditations intentionally reflect the diversity of our beliefs and spiritual practices. We meditate in silence or with guiding words. Meditation and prayer remind us that we are bound by common love across belief.

Sharing of joys and concerns

We hold intentional space in which community members can share that which is most joyful or heavy on their hearts.

Candle lighting

We light candles throughout our services as an expression of faith and community.


We share food and conversation before and after the worship services.