The best way to get connected to The Sanctuary Boston is to attend one of our worship services. Check out our calendar to see when and where we’ll be meeting next.

We gather twice a month to experience that transcending mystery and wonder which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and in celebration of the community that gathers. This looks like:
matt benediction

  • Eclectic music – Hand drums and hymns, progressive praise music and spirituals,
    Frank Ocean and Katy Perry, Taize chants and folk songs.
  • Diverse sources of inspiration – Readings, poetry, spoken-word, sacred scriptures … from Mary Oliver and Rumi to Tupac and J. Ivy.
  • Sharing the flame – We light candles to honor the fierce beauty of our individual spirits and to celebrate the collective light of the community gathered.
  • Prayer and meditation – We pray to wonder and the love out beyond belief. Sometimes we pray to God or creator, sometimes our shared spirit of life, or sometimes we don’t know who we’re praying to, but we pray anyway. We pray because it reminds us that we are human and there is hope.
  • reflection – A short sharing by a community member or worship leader on a topic that matters.
  • A chance to share – Each worship has a time for us to share the joys and the sorrows, dreams and struggles, we’re traveling with and to be held by the community.
  • Many voices – We value the unique voices and gifts of every person who comes to the Sanctuary. our worship creation process is collaborative and we weave in opportunities in each service to hear from as many voices as possible. at the Sanctuary, ministry is something we all share.
  • Food for our bellies, not just our souls – After we extinguish our chalice, we feast on hearty snacks and stick around to chat.


Sanctuary Music on Spotify

Check out this playlist of some of our favorite worship music!