The Sanctuary Campus

College is a time of transition, of becoming. It’s a time when community is needed, more than ever. Sanctuary Boston is that community — a place of vibrant worship and real connection, grounded in the Unitarian Universalist values of courageous love and radical welcome, and open to seekers of all kinds. We believe that everyone deserves to experience beloved community. Sanctuary is something we can create with each other and for each other by offering our gifts and building a world of more justice, equity, and compassion. 

The Sanctuary Campus is an opportunity to experience all of the gifts and goodness that The Sanctuary Community gets to share, and do it all with other college students from around the Boston area. With regular gatherings, small group ministry, and opportunities to organize on your college campus, The Sanctuary Campus is the place for you.

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Join a Younger Adult small group — our next season will launch in fall 2022!

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Check out our appearance on The Vuu: Sanctuary Boston | The VUU – S8 E353

… and on JUUst Breathe Podcast: JUUst Breathe Live – Sanctuary Boston

Karishma Gottfried is Sanctuary’s Campus Ministry Coordinator. Karishma is a rising senior studying Religion at Wellesley College, where she also directs the Heartspace Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry. You can contact Kari at

Upcoming Events

Get ready for our big fall semester kick-off on Wednesday, September 21st! We’ll be meeting outside of First Church Boston around 5pm for pizza and socializing, and then we’ll join Sanctuary’s worship service at 6:30pm. Please RSVP here so we can estimate for pizza numbers and types!