Worship Wednesday October 15 6pm at First Church in Boston

Join us Wednesday, October 15th at First Church in Boston for worship! Gather at 6pm for snacks and fellowship; worship begins at 6:15, with dinner to follow.

So Much More Than Beautiful:

Bombarded with images of photo-shopped bodies, commercials pushing beauty products/quick-fix workout machines, and articles that proclaim, “7 Ways to a Thinner You!” it is easy to disassociate from our bodies wanting to be more, more than just a body. Attempting to separate who we “truly” are from the bodies we “live in” is a natural response in a world where our physical appearance receives gobs of undue attention and scrutiny. And yet, when we say we are, “each made holy and loved right through” doesn’t that include our whole-selves, bodies and all? What a gift it would be for each of us to know how deeply beautiful we are. And our bodies are more than beautiful, more than the appearances we carry in life; they are our link to the physical world, the way we experience: a hug from a friend; the taste of a mango; the awe of the heavens. What would it mean to truly come home to our bodies – to love our bodies as so much more than beautiful?
Worship will be held upstairs in the (elevator-accessible) chapel. Please email us at thesanctuaryboston@gmail.com to request specific accommodations. If you have dietary restrictions you’d like us to know about as we prepare dinner, please add your name to our communal spreadsheet here: http://thesanctuaryboston.org/about/accessibility/

Come as you are. All are welcome.