Worship Wednesday May 7 at First Parish in Cambridge – Praise the Mystery

Join us Wednesday, May 7 in the Barn Room at First Parish Cambridge Unitarian Universalist for worship with The Sanctuary Boston. Gather at 6 PM for snacks and fellowship, and worship beginning 6:15 PM. Dinner to follow!

LeLaina Romero will reflect on her journey of bringing her whole self into the practice of praise. 

Can we praise when no name seems to capture our relationship with… ? Absolutely– And the possibilities are endless. However unnameable, praise can ground us in relationship with the mystery and deepen our personal relationships and experience of authentic community.

“To praise is also to surrender. Doing that in spaces where I don’t always see myself reflected and barriers divide is challenging. But praise is also healing and transformative. So how do we trust one another enough to praise together? How do we do that while honoring that this looks different to each of us? How do we create safe, sacred space for all kinds of praise?” 

Join us Wednesday night when, through song, stories, ritual, rhythm and movement (like we do), we will praise the mystery…

First Parish Cambridge is wheelchair accessible, and the Barn Room can be reached via elevator. Please email us at thesanctuaryboston [at] gmail [dot] com to request specific accommodations. And if you’ve got dietary restrictions you’d like us to know about as we prepare dinner, please add your name to our communal spreadsheet here: http://thesanctuaryboston.org/about/accessibility/

Come as you are. All are welcome.