Weeping With Rachel

Wednesday, February 18th 6:00p.m.

We are very excited to welcome our friends from The Crossing and Old West Church, who will join us in a time of worship and observance this Ash Wednesday at the Sanctuary Boston! First Church intern, Sam Teitel, will not only invite us into a time of wonder and reflection about this longstanding Christian tradition, but will also share a meaningful recognition of the realities of death and grief as parts of our lives.

Worship will be held in the sanctuary on the first floor, which is across the hall from the main level’s accessible entrance. Please email us atthesanctuaryboston@gmail.com to request specific accommodations. If you have dietary restrictions you’d like us to know about as we prepare dinner, please add your name to our communal spreadsheet here: http://thesanctuaryboston.org/about/accessibility/

Come as you are. All are welcome.