Reaching for Higher Ground

Join us this upcoming Wednesday, February 19th at 6 pm for worship with The Sanctuary Boston! We’ll gather in our downtown Boston home, First Church in Boston Unitarian Universalist, at 66 Marlborough St., Boston, Massachusetts 02116.

Sanctuary community member and outreach coordinator Tori Jameson will be reflecting on her experiences in North Carolina as one of close to a hundred thousand people gathered for the Moral March.


From Tori:

In the midst of the shoulder to shoulder crowd was a coffin, representing those who had died in the face of denial of their medicaid benefits. Engulfing the coffin were a group of Masonic pallbearers; a southern church lady complete with a cardigan, coiffed hair and a Charleston-style necklace of pearls strung on a ribbon; a planned parenthood marcher in pink; a rabbi carrying a Torah scroll; organizers of a trans-friendly safe space; and… me. When asked to take hands for song and prayer, the hands that embraced mine were calloused and rough, and her eyes, which I met hidden behind long braids and the weight of decades of fight, were dark and brave. We sang loud the old words “We shall overcome!,” louder still the words, “We shall live in peace!,” and as the sun broke through the clouds for the first time that cloudy day, “We are not afraid!”. We shouted, we prayed, we danced in the streets, and then we went home.
Join us as Tori Jameson reflects on the journey to seeking higher ground; a journey of overcoming division and fear through the higher love and higher power experienced when we stand together — as thousands, yes, but even more, as one. Together we’ll explore what the journey to higher ground looks like when we we’re not all gathered on NC’s capitol steps.Worship begins at 6:15 pm. Gather at 6:00 pm for some snacks and then stick around after worship for more food and time to connect.

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The Sanctuary Boston is a community of worship and connection, grounded in Unitarian Universalism and open to seekers of all kinds. We come together in worship twice monthly and practice living into our name, seeking to grow more fully into the sanctuaries we each are and both creating and finding sanctuary together in community.First Church in Boston is wheelchair accessible. Please contact Allegra at to request accommodations.

Come as you are. All are welcome.