“Make Way for Love!” – General Assembly Worship Preview/Sendoff Celebration TONIGHT at **7PM**


Today, Wednesday,  June 18th, we are going to be holding a very special, beautiful, and meaningful evening of worship. And when we say “we,” we are totally including YOU!

In case you haven’t heard the good news yet, The Sanctuary Boston has been invited to lead a worship service for about 5,000 people this June 28th at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly. We have spent a lot of heart energy imagining how to bring the spirit of Sanctuary to a crowd like that, and we are excited to worship with our own community and friends before we “head south.” So, to that end, we are going to be gathering in the main sanctuary at First Church in Boston for a worship that will actually be a preview of the big worship we’ll be leading at this year’s General Assembly.

“Building Beloved Community requires living into the reality that we are each beloved. We need to feel that belovedness! So come take sanctuary, and renew your power to co-create sanctuary in the world, with a heart-centered, music-packed, spirit-filling worship
led by the Sanctuary Boston.”

The Sanctuary worship team really hopes everyone will come out to take part in this beautiful gathering and to support our community as we gear up to share Sanctuary with thousands of people in just a couple weeks!

This is an especially good time to bring friends and guests that are new to the Sanctuary community.

“THIS WILL BE EPIC!” – Sam Teitel

We will be gathering at 7pm for food, hosted by First Church in Boston, and starting the worship service at 7:30. After the worship service there will be dessert and merriment. (This is also a really, really great week to stick around afterwards and help clean up)

Hope to see you there!

PS – The worship is only about 45 minutes, with another 20ish minutes of jamming to our favorite tunes at the end. : )

First Church in Boston is wheelchair accessible. Please email us at thesanctuaryboston [at] gmail [dot] com to request specific accommodations. And if you’ve got dietary restrictions you’d like us to know about as we prepare dinner, please add your name to our communal spreadsheet here: http://thesanctuaryboston.org/about/accessibility/

Come as you are. All are welcome.