We are excited to begin this new season with all of you on Wednesday, January 7th at 6:00 p.m. at First Parish in Cambridge! Johnny Blazes will be reflecting on
“I’m angry with you right now, but I still love you.”  
“I feel sad about your decision, but I understand why you made it.” 
“I love you, but you’re driving me crazy!”
While we understand, as the emotionally complex beings we are, what it feels like to hold two seemingly contradictory emotions or sensations, linguistically we tend to separate them with conjunctions that negate: but, although, yet, however.  There is a lovely complexity in embracing the notion of both/and: I feel anger AND I feel love. I feel disappointment AND excitement. Not only does this notion give room for us to cherish all of our experiences, painful and joyous, but it also creates a mindset that we can apply to our spiritual lives, both personally and in community.
First Parish Cambridge is wheelchair accessible, and the Barn Room can be reached via elevator. Please email us at thesanctuaryboston [at] gmail [dot] com to request specific accommodations. And if you’ve got dietary restrictions you’d like us to know about as we prepare dinner, please add your name to our communal spreadsheet here: