Announcing Rev. Mykal Slack, Incoming Director of Worship, The Sanctuary Boston!

UUA General Assembly  2014

“The Sanctuary Boston is a place where people of every age and experience bring their whole selves, experience vibrant, spirit-filled worship, and grow spiritually in a community of seekers and believers of all kinds. It is truly marvelous who we are and what we do together. I am blessed beyond belief to be a part of it!”

– Mykal Slack, Incoming Director of Worship, Sanctuary Boston

The Sanctuary Boston is thrilled to welcome Rev. Mykal Slack into leadership as our new, part-time, staffed Director of Worship! Mykal has been a part of our community since it’s inception in 2012 and he has continued to call Sanctuary home. And for many of us, especially who’ve been a part of Sanctuary since its early days, Mykal has been a big part of what makes Sanctuary feel like home to us. In ways large and small, Mykal’s been sharing Sanctuary’s core vision – Each Made Holy, Loved Right Through – and he is thrilled to be stepping into leadership of our community and coordinating team.

Mykal brings with him a wealth of experience leading worship in UU and Christian settings, most recently on staff as a Worship Leader at First Parish in Cambridge, though also at Sanctuary itself. If you attended the 2014 General Assembly in Providence, you may have seen or heard Mykal offering a reflection during the GA Witness Worship, Make Way For Love, on Saturday evening.
(If you missed that, check it out here: MAKE WAY FOR LOVE!)

Mykal’s role will officially commence with our opening worship on Wednesday, September 3rd! Though this exciting development was being explored before Dave Ruffin accepted a new position at All Souls in Tulsa, OK, it takes on deeper resonance in the context of this transition. (In case you missed THAT news, check out this important announcement from Dave earlier in July!)
So our opening worship in September will be both welcome and farewell!

All to say, if you didn’t have Wednesday, September 3rd at 6pm at First Parish in Cambridge on your calendar yet, get that date booked!!It will be quite the celebration…

14346772408_97db67fbd9_k“There is literally no one whom I could imagine passing core leadership at Sanctuary onto, that would call forth as much trust, enthusiasm & gratitude, as Mykal Slack. Though knowing Mykal will be in leadership makes it easier to depart, it also makes it all the more challenging because I so deeply appreciate working with (and worshipping with) this man. Mykal lives his convictions out with seemingly boundless love for those he encounters on the path and he has taken up residence in my heart as a dear friend and a faith leader who consistently inspires me. We couldn’t be more blessed to have him as our new Director of Worship.”–Dave Ruffin, Coordinator, The Sanctuary Boston

Let’s give a huge Welcome and Thank You to Mykal Slack for coming aboard!!