An off-week gathering!

What does it mean to be welcomed to The Sanctuary Boston?Fellowship hour

Moving toward that answer is clearly a process… But one thing is for sure, it’s a process that involves getting to know one another better. So let’s take an off-week Wednesday to share some food, some laughs, as well as some thoughts on what we’ve got on our hands (and hearts) with this community that we’re creating.

Join Dave Ruffin and Elizabeth Nguyen, and other Sanctuary friends, in the basement of Life Alive Cafe in Central Square (765 Mass Ave) this Wednesday from 7 – 9 pm and let’s get this conversation going.

We’ll order some snacks to share but if you’re coming hungry for dinner, which would be totally welcome, you might want to grab a little something more off their delish menu (maybe coming a little early to get your order in, if you can!).

Hope to see you!