About The Sanctuary Boston

Our Mission is to make The Sanctuary a community of vibrant worship and real connection to seekers and worshippers of all kinds, rooted in Unitarian Universalism.

VisionKenny Chalice
Worship that’s heart-centered, spirit-filled, down-to-earth and wicked smart. Connection that encourages us to respond more fully to the call of love.

We worship to reconnect to the sacred, experience the wonder of our (inter)being, and encounter and grow in a love beyond our knowing.

We envision a growing community of connection where we walk with and care for one another in hard times and in celebrations, encourage one another to spiritual growth and work together for transformative social change that reflects our progressive values.

We hope to reconnect to the sanctuaries that we each are and together create a safe, sacred and life-giving community – a Sanctuary – to all who hunger for such a spiritual home.

Whether you go to church on Sunday morning or light candles on Friday nights, whether you’ve been hurt by religion, saved by it, or some of both, whether you’re brand new to spiritual community, or a seasoned seeker,                                                                           you are welcome.

The Sanctuary welcomes people of all beliefs, ages, abilities, classes, cultures, races and ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. Bring your whole self.