“What then is sanctuary? The sanctuary is often something very small. Not a grandiose gesture, but a small gesture toward alleviating human suffering and preventing humiliation. The sanctuary is a human being. Sanctuary is a dream. And that is why you are here and that is why I am here. We are here because of one another. We are in truth each other’s shelter.”

~ Elie Wiesel

Welcome to The Sanctuary Boston!

We’re glad you found us.


We gather together in worship twice a month: once in Boston and once in Cambridge.

On “off-week’s” many gather in homes in small groups with time and space for deeper connection.

This is how, in a world that’s hard, where no one’s a stranger to loss or loneliness, and injustice is all around, we remind one another that we are sanctuaries, each made holy, each loved right through.

And this is how, in a world full of hope, when there is joy to be shared, and healing and justice all around, we celebrate together, shaping a world of more love, everyday, becoming more fully the sanctuary without walls that we can be for each other and, most especially, that we can be together.

The Sanctuary Boston benefits from the generous support of the Fund for Unitarian Universalism, the Woburn Fund, our hosts, First Church in Boston and First Parish in Cambridge, and, most of all, YOU. We would gratefully welcome your DONATION HERE. 

Come as you are. All are welcome.

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Anne Greenwood

    REALLY superb at GA. Thanks for your presence, energy, message and joy!

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