What We Believe


Our individual religious beliefs and traditions vary widely — and we like it that way!

We believe in Love — Love beyond belief.

We believe this earth and all its creatures (humans, too!) are worthy of respect and love.

We believe nothing can separate any of us and our world from love and love’s power to heal and transform us.

We believe we All need that love.

Our belief in love calls us to work for a more just world and the Beloved Community of Dr. King’s dream; a sanctuary without walls which we all can share.

In the end we don’t feel spiritual community is so much about what we “believe to be true” but about how we believe we should live and love and share the gift of our lives.

We are Buddhist and Christians, agnostics and mystics. We believe that there are many ways to express the miracle of autumn’s falling leaves, a new life, the intimacy of friendship, the wonder of this big blue ball floating in glittering vastness and all the awe of this world. We support each other on this spiritual adventure, each of us seeking our own spiritual path in the context of community.

We believe in Love beyond boundaries.