Faces of The Sanctuary Team


Mykal Slack:
Hi, I’m Rev. Mykal Slack and I’m the Worship Coordinator for the Sanctuary Boston!










Lauren Robinson

Lauren Robinson: Hey there. I’m Lauren, and I’m a member of First Church Boston and The Sanctuary. I’m working on strengthening our partnership with First Church Boston. I was not raised in a religious household, and began attending First Church Boston in 2012. I found The Sanctuary a month later through First Church. I’m also interested in developing small group ministry within The Sanctuary. I’m a life-long Boston area resident, and a graduate of UMass Boston with a BA in Psychology. I am active with First Church Boston’s Social Justice Committee, and I am one of the founding members of First Church’s Committee Against Gun Violence. Preventing gun violence, and working for more appropriate and universal gun control laws is something close to my heart. I also love working with animals, and have volunteered with local animal rescues to foster and re-home homeless and abandoned animals. I like to read, write extremely bad poetry, play board games, sing (generally not in tune), cook and bake.


MDB Headshot (2)Mark David Buckles:  Hi all, I’m Mark, and I’m the Music Director for The Sanctuary Boston. I’m a  conductor, composer, singer, music educator, and multi-instrumentalist, and I’m a native of Beverly Hills, Michigan. I’m the Director of Music at Arlington Street Church in downtown Boston, and I teach piano and music theory at MIT.  When I’m not composing, performing, or teaching, I’m taking care of and playing with my daughter, Shiloh, at our home in Jamaica Plain.



michaela headshot big squareMichaela Romano-Meade: 
Hi friends, I’m Michaela, coordinator of Pastoral Care at the Sanctuary.  I’m a lifelong Unitarian Universalist from Western Mass and a seminarian planning to pursue ordained ministry.  Before my path turned toward ministry, I studied musical theater, worked at the San Francisco SPCA Veterinary Hospital, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa.  I am passionate about equality in all its forms, music/singing, animal rights, and Harry Potter.






Shannon_LSUShannon Burke: Hi! I’m Shannon, and I’m working on fundraising and sustainable development for the Sanctuary. I grew up in a nearly-Universalist liberal Roman Catholic community near Houston, Texas. There, I became a church music nerd, and discovered Unitarian Universalism through Gospel worship and Twinkie Communion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I’m a biomedical engineer living on a seminary campus, which leads to lots of interesting discussions, and I find joy in swing dancing, woodworking, building things that work, and perfect moments on beautiful days.





David Ruffin, Founder of The Sanctuary Boston:

Hey, I’m Dave. After working for a few years as an actor in New York, I realized that, though there was often something spiritually fulfilling happening in the performing arts, that I was really drawn to the power of channeling such spiritual Harvard Divinity School - Admissions Photography Spring 2013connection into transformation, and particularly into building community spaces of healing and transformation. So… I left the world of touring, singing and dancin’ to come to Harvard Divinity School and try to figure out what a path like that might look like. Turns out the word for this business of spiritual connection, community building, personal and social transformation, and generally stirring up the love is… ministry. After some admitted initial resistance, I gave in wholeheartedly to the calling and it’s incredible to be sharing it with this community where ministry is something we all do. Currently, I serving as the Resident Minister at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.